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October 2015

Halloween On The Bus 10/31/15
By John Schmit
We had a great time on the Route 234 on Halloween. The people liked the decorations and the treats. They graciously let us take pictures of their costumes. A special thanks to my friend, Linda for her decorating skills. Here is a little video slide show that shows some of the fun.
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Me and Sophie 10/30/15
By Blanche Glaeser
It was a lot of fun seeing Sophie all ready for Halloween. Check out this picture of my favorite doggie.
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New Images on the Gallery Page 10/24/15
By John Schmit
Cheryl recently added some new images to her Gallery favorites page. Looking West Toward The Cascades was taken on our trip east a few weeks ago. The Moon pictures were taken yesterday while testing a new tripod. Check ém out.
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Autumn's Trip to the Fair 10/17/15
By Bill and Susie Devries
We took Autumn to the State Fair. Arkansas has an old time state fair, complete with agricultural and craft competitions, rides, games of luck and skill, and some of the most outrageous food. Susie had entered one of her quilts in the craft competitions. Autumn enjoyed the rides. Two of her favorites were the “Tilt-a-Whirl” and the “Tornado.”
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Fall Color & Olmstead Place State Park 10/11/15
By John and Cheryl Schmit
Here is a selection of fall color images we have enjoyed this year. We topped our fall season with a trip to Washington's Olmstead Place State Park. A wonderful day trip. Be sure to enjoy this video in 1080p HD video and in Full Screen. Additionally, the music for this video was created by John.
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