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November 2015

Christmas Bus 11/27/15
By John Schmit
I had a whole lotta fun decorating this year's Christmas Bus. There were several new stuffed animals and new animated ones too! There were new lights, that twinkle and new garland replacing worn out stuff. The passengers sure enjoyed the ride. This year I also have a bunch of 'gifts' to hand out and then there's Candy Cane Day with special larger size candy canes. Oh, what a fun season.
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Introducing Jody Hanson 11/26/15
By John Schmit and Jody Hanson
I really wasn't expecting anything special when Cheryl and I sent our sample in for DNA testing. What a wonderful surprise occured. Now that we have checked and verified our sources, we make this Thanksgiving a little more special as we welcome Jody Hanson into the family.
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Farrington Court Thanksgiving Celebration 11/19/15
By Blanche Glaeser
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration here at Farrington Court. It was great fun to help prepare for the many place settings. The food and entertainment was perfect. Enjoy the pictures
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Metro's Battery Bus 11/18/15
By John Schmit
What a charge it was when the Battery Bus stopped at the Redmond Transit Center. A couple of drivers just had to take a look. With water tanks inside to simulate the weight of people, the prototype bus is being driven 24 hours a day to meet a mileage goal. It was fun to sit behind the wheel and get a feel for the future. Check out these pictures of the new bus.
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Visiting The Cardona's 11/09-14/15
By John and Cheryl Schmit
We had a great trip to Augusta, Georgia to visit Artie, Heidi and Michael. We celebrated Michael's birthday and checked out the town and Fort Gordon. The weather was perfect and so was our visit. Here is a small selection of some of our favorite memories.
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