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January 2016

Blanche Poses 01/29/16
By John Schmit
Farrington Court Retirement Community shared Roger Schmit's photo. A Blast From The Past *Look For A New Photo Album In The Future* Check out this classic look.
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Augusta Snow 01/23/16
By Heidi Cardona
So we woke up this morning with snow in the ground! It's a rare sight indeed here in GA. Forecasters say it won't last very long so I had to hurry up and take pictures as "evidence".
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Snow Day 01/23/16
By Susie Devries
Here are some pictures of our snow. It's about 6-8 inches deep. Autumn is thrilled!! I have to admit, it is very pretty outside. I've taken a few pictures to pass along. I thought the table out front looked like a giant waffle. There is a picture of a guy at the bottom of the hill, stuck. Autumn with a thumbs up, and then just some others of the snow in general.
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Visiting The Cardona's for Rachel's Birth 12/30/15 - 01/08/16
By Cheryl Schmit
What a great time I had as I flew to Augusta to be with Artie, Heidi and Michael for the birth of Rachel. She arrived shortly after I did and I spent many wonderful hours with her. We had fun getting out and taking lots of pictures. Enjoy this sample of pictures from the visit.
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