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March 2016

Michael & Rachel Easter Picture 03/19/16
By Artie and Heidi Cardona
Here is the Easter picture of the kids with the Easter bunny. Michael is 3 years and Rachel is 3 months.
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Easter 03/27/16
By John and Cheryl Schmit
It was a very nice family get-together as Allen, Barbara and Blanche joined us for Easter dinner. Cheryl made leg of lamb, ham, stuffing and seasoned, chopped, roasted potatoes. We had a great Skype call with Heidi, Artie, Michael and Rachel. We all had a nice visit.
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Saint Patrick's Day Parade Video 3/12/16
By Cheryl Schmit
The St Patrick's Day Parade in Seattle was on Saturday, March 12. There was a winter weather watch posted for lots of rain, flooding and high winds. Didn't matter, I wanted to go. The morning started a little wet but just before the start of the parade, the clouds parted (mostly) and the parade went on, no raincoats required. This year was well attended by both participants and spectators. There were several bagpipe groups, marching bands, dancers, dogs, wee ones on unicycles and the Seattle Pirates. It was windy, so hold on to your hats and enjoy the parade.
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Rachel at 2 months 03/01/16
By Heidi Cardona
So on the first was Rachel's 2 month check up. She weighs 10lbs and is 22 inches long. In comparison, Michael was 10lbs 5.8oz and 21.46 inches long. So she's taller and weighs a little less than where he was at... Fun fact. Everything was good, she's healthy and received her 2 month series of shots. She ended up getting a fever afterwards and wasn't eating but I think that was normal due to the shots.
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