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June 2016

Allen's Car 06/20/16
By Allen Schmit
Ok, so I've been having troubles with my car. Over the past ten years I've had to put 7 timing belts on this engine. I have included a brief video. What I have done is enlisted the help of a roommate who is good with dremel tools and knows what bits to use and how.
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Vantage Drive 06/08/16
By Cheryl and John Schmit
An overcast sky and threat of rain couldn't keep us home on Wednesday. We picked up Barb and headed over the mountains to visit the Ginkgo Petrified Forest at Vantage, WA. Along the way we stopped to check out Lake Easton and found a very peaceful campground at the state park there. We encountered a few rain drops but otherwise it was a great day.
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Cute Pictures 06/04/16
By Heidi Cardona
Spent the day last Saturday keeping Michael company at the Children's hospital and took some pictures to pass the time. The pictures of Rachel were for her 5 month pics. And the ones with Michael, I thought it was cute that he was sleeping with his buddy who got a shot too.
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