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August 2016

Party with Friends & Elvis 08/27/16
By Barbara Lawrence
Linda, Elsie and I all had such a great afternoon. This was a surprise 80th birthday party for Darlene so her daughter, Diane, told her that she was going to bring her down to see me. Diane, her sister Kathy and Darlene's step daughter put this birthday party together. Elvis (Danny Vernon) sang for about 20 or more minutes. He is Darlene's favorite person to go see performing. Diane took a picture of Linda, Elsie and me with Elvis on Linda's phone. We were all clapping to the music and some people let themselves be heard by whistling, yelling etc. The three of us got there at 1:30 and didn't leave until 4:30.
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Michael Went To British Soccer Camp 08/05/16
By Artie and Heidi Cardona
We decided Michael needed to end the summer on a high note so we signed him up for the British soccer camp. It was a week long camp (August 1st -5th), where he got to learn some tricks on playing soccer, learning to use his listening and following direction skills. He got to play with other kids his age in soccer as well. He had an absolute fantastic time and Iím sure we will be doing this again next year. The only down side was that it was really humid and hot so it was a good thing Michaelís camp was from 9-10 when it was not too hot. He got his own soccer ball, shorts and jerseyís with the British camp logo so he can continue to practice. If he is still interested in soccer we may be getting him his own cleats. Enjoy the pictures!
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