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December 1/02/2022
By Cheryl and John Schmit

You never know what you'll find when you turn the corner. I came upon some deer as they began to cross the road. Got those deer right in the headlights.

Cheryl spent some quality time baking. The results were some delicious puff pastry cinnamon rolls. Mm-mm good! Check out this recipe.

We were busy visiting on the 19th. First it was with Blanche and Dick. They were doing very well. Then we continued over to Barbara. She was happy and sporting a new haircut. Both were great visits.

Cheryl made us a delicious Christmas Eve dinner with pork roast, lamb, stuffing and broccoli. Allen stopped by after he got off work.

A major series of snow storms started on Christmas day and lasted until New Years Eve. After each blast, John got out and shoveled the driveway and sidewalk. It was easier than letting it accumulate.

We did have a chance to take a few nature pictures during the month. Enjoy!
Santa Visits 12/06/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

A little Saturday night excitement in the neighborhood as Santa came through. The Jerry Woods Holiday Fire Engine sponsored by the Maple Valley Professional Firefighters Association, The Maple Valley Rotary and Valley Medical Center was collecting donations for the Maple Valley Food Bank. Enjoy the video.
November 12/06/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

Holiday decorating was the theme for the month. Right after Halloween we began preparing for Christmas. With Cheryl's carpal tunnel surgery planned, we had to get most of the decorations, and the tree, up before the surgery. So, a new, smaller tree was selected and the decorating begun. Then, throughout the month, Cheryl finished up the piano room and outside.

It's always good to see the Moms' doing well. Thanks to Farrington Court for the pictures of Blanche and Dick dancing. We also had a chance to visit and enjoyed our November time with them. When we visited with Barbara this month, we took her out to get a haircut. While she was having it done, we had just enough time to get her Christmas decorations out and put up. When she was back, Cheryl fixed a couple of things on her phone.

Nature put on a good show during the month. John caught a double rainbow on the 9th while Cheryl took a great series of Fall pictures on the 14th and a series of Sunset and Moonrise pictures on the 16th. It seems that the wind got ahold of Mt. Rainier's cap and blew it off to the side on the 21st.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner, prepared mostly by John under the direct supervision of Cheryl. It was a delicious ham and wonderful stuffing. Cheryl was busy with the camera!
October 11/08/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

October is Halloween month and we prepared early. Cheryl made lots of small packages of candy for the Trick or Treaters. With the prepackaging, they can grab and go.

Along with the regular Halloween preparations, John pulled his bus up next to a team dedicated to dealing with ghosts. The Ghostbusters vehicle was a surprise to see in the Factoria neighborhood of Bellevue. I guess you never know where they will be needed.

A favorite object for us to photograph, the Moon was playing hide and seek with the clouds on the 15th. Probably practicing for a scary night on the 31st. In the meantime, the next night was 'International Observe The Moon' night. Luckily, things cleared up a bit for that.

It's always fun to go to the park. The fall colors and leaves all over the place make the walk much more interesting. With the small lakes in the area, the geese are nearby. They have been busy learning to fly in formation. Some do better than others.

We had a nice visit with Mom and Dick. They always have news of their adventures and activities there at Farrington. Nice to see they are happy and the place is well decorated.

While the fall weather is generally cloudy, we still like to try and get good pictures of The Mountain. Heading on up to Centennial Viewpoint Park in Auburn, we get the best views. We also have a lot of fun.

This years fall colors were wonderful. Be sure to enjoy the pictures and the video of colors here in Washington. We ended the month with some sunset pictures taken on the 30th.
September 10/10/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

September means the start of Fall and activity and seasonal changes. To start the month off, Cheryl took a few pictures of John going to work. In response, John took some pictures of Cheryl driving.

The Moon was an active visitor with a Venus conjunction on the 8th & 9th. There were wonderful views of the Moon during the rest of the month.

With cooler temperatures, a few trees have started to turn color. We took a few pictures of this early fall color.

John sees a lot while driving. This time he was stuck in traffic after a tour bus and car got acquainted. Only took a few minutes but John does have a schedule.

It's always fun to check in on the Moms. Visiting Barbara this month, we brought some groceries and took the air conditioner out of the window. She was very happy to get set for the cooler months. Stopping in to visit with Blanche and Dick, we picked up an old TV helping to cleanup the office they use. Blanche was looking good and very happy.

The changing weather brought some dramatic clouds and sunsets. It's fun to catch just the right picture of the setting sun. Our view to the West helps that.

Our doorbell cam gave us an opportunity to have some fun. Going out for walks gives it a chance to catch us together. Enjoy!
New House 10/04/2021
By Richard Schmit

After six months of trying to navigate the real estate market, I finally found the home I wanted. I was really surprised to find out it was a “one owner” built in 1985. It’s a three bedroom with two bathrooms. There is also an attached two car garage. Rather than a formal dining room, there is a den with a fire place which I really like. There is a nice size eat in kitchen which works well for me. One of the first things bought was a washer and dryer! Then I needed all sorts of lawn care equipment. Enjoy these pictures of my "new" house.
August 09/12/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

It was a hot summer, but we still got out. Starting with visiting Blanche. Pinky loves it when Cheryl stops by.

John saw an eagle circling the bus yard as he was preparing his bus. The nest is on top of a cell phone pole next to the yard. It was clear he was coming home to Momma.

It was quite the visit to Brookdale. Just as we were parking, we saw some geese enjoying a meal near the building. They didn't mind our picture taking. Then we went upstairs and had a nice visit with Barbara.

Nature played its part in August with some dramatic clouds and interesting views of the Moon.

We actually went out to find new and unusual views of Mt. Rainier. It was a nice ride and we did find a new viewpoint.
Popcorn 08/22/2021
By John Schmit

I added a new piece of music, Popcorn, to the Music page. Three and a half minutes of a happy sound. Listen and smile.
Covington to Bellevue 08/13/2021
By John Schmit

An afternoon ride from Covington to Bellevue. Enjoy the video!
July 08/15/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

The Fourth of July is always a fun time. This year was no exception. We were invited to join the Watkins family, across the street, as they celebrated Independence Day. There was plenty of good food and fun. After eating and popping some fireworks we went outside to watch the neighborhood show. Pete even brought out his drone.

The next week, right after having his teeth cleaned, John broke a tooth and had to have the crown replaced. The new dentist that we go to has been wonderful.

There were many opportunities to view a variety of animals in July. Many crossed the road in front of John's bus. Rabbits, squirrels, deer and even a black bear made the scene. One didn't quite make it.

Being one of the driest months, there were just a few opportunities to capture clouds and sunsets. But, we tried.

The Moon and Venus did put on a good show. While the skies were hazy and filled with smoke, Cheryl managed to get some good pictures.

Mt. Rainier was on display several time in July. While driving around we keep an eye out for it. Sometimes we just go to the viewpoint in Auburn for the best shots.
June 07/9/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

We had a great time celebrating Blanche's 97th birthday. She was very happy to have the visits and enjoyed her gifts and cards.

Nature was a big actor in June. Great cloud formations turned into beautiful rainbows and gorgeous sunsets. The biggest player in the skies was the Moon, culminating in the Strawberry Full Moon. Even the mountains begged to be photographed. On the ground, at our neighborhood park, are some big Daisy plantings. Wonderful to see anytime, day or night.

John got some nice Father's Day cards. The grand kids are sending cool stuff now.

We stopped for a walk at the River Park in Maple Valley. A very nice, quiet escape next to the Cedar river. We hadn't been there before.

John doesn't get to see the maintenance crew come out for a broken bus very often. They were called out to the Redmond Transit Center. They did a great job of removing the bus and cleaning up the mess.

Cheryl made a delicious dinner for hard working John. She is a great cook and John is equally great at eating.

There have been reports the Pacific Northwest had been experiencing a heat wave. While temperature rose outside to set new records, we enjoyed the days inside with air conditioning. We made it over to Barbara's to install her air conditioner just as the temps began to rise.
May 06/13/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

We started the month of May visiting Barbara at Brookdale and then Blanche at Farrington. Under the current rules we still had to visit them outside. Both were looking good and doing well.

Cheryl got the vegetable garden started and continued to work with her flowers. The new, blue planters are perfect for the veggies. The rhododendron in front started to blossom and attract the bees.

Spring is our time for dramatic weather. Beautiful rainbows and storms and rain came through the area. The active clouds made for great pictures.

Cheryl checked out a new recipe for French Toast Bites. They were very tasty and messy.

While out for a short drive, John noticed his left eye getting blurry. To be safe he went to the ER. The end result was just another aspect of aging and nothing to worry about.

With all the clouds and rain we were lucky to get pictures of the Moon and then pictures of the SuperMoon. Cheryl even got pictures of Mt. Rainier.

The warm weather brought action to the Redmond Skate Park where John has a layover. Interesting to see the authorities in action. A week of nice weather was predicted at the end of the month, so John washed the car and enjoyed the sunshine.
Vacation 05/29-30/2021
By Artie and Heidi Cardona

We went to Folley Beach at Hilton Head Island on Saturday and then on Sunday we went to Old Fort Jackson. They did re-enactments and it was cool to watch.
Four Days In April 05/10/2020
By Cheryl and John Schmit

Check out this weather time-lapse of Four Days Iin April. Enjoy!
April 05/09/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

Finally, we get out. We were invited to share in a private showing of Evan Almighty at a theater in Federal Way with our neighbors, the Watkins. The movie was lots of fun.

We had some fun decorating for Easter. We put out some candy filled eggs for the neighbors to enjoy, and they did!

We sure had our share of April showers too. They brought awesome clouds and made the yard flowers and neighborhood trees bloom and blossom. We love to take pictures of all the color and sky drama.

We took a ride up to Bellevue on the 11th, because John was looking for work shoes. We drove out to North Bend on the 21st to the Outlet Mall for shopping. It was sad to see so many stores closed. There was beautiful scenery on both drives.

Cheryl was able to get a crescent Moon several times and gorgeous mountain pictures throughout the month.
March 04/11/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

Nature was a major part of our activities in March. The mountains played hide and seek with the clouds. The blustery weather gave us some great sunsets and storm clouds. Being spring, Cheryl set up the starters for her garden. She also got a great picture of the Worm Moon on the 26th. It was even posted on the Spaceweather gallery. It's always fun to put together baby gifts. This one for a friend where Cheryl volunteers. John had been snapping pictures of the pretty, blossoming trees. A big nature month.
February 03/07/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

February was an adventure. Nature and in particular, the weather gave us some dramatic photo opportunities. We start with a double rainbow John saw as he was driving the bus in Redmond. Then the snow hit. While John had to go to work, the car cam came in handy for some fun footage of his drive. Meanwhile, Cheryl was getting dramatic video of the storm. The next day, the snow was very fine and sparkly like 'Diamond Dust'. She also took a great group of still images. Later in the month there was a hail shower that was significant and a setting Sun that lit up a nice rainbow over Covington. During a break in the weather, Cheryl was able to get some nice pictures of the Moon.

We had to have our clothes washer replaced. Luckily the warranty and service were good. Visiting the Mom's is always a highlight and seeing Blanche and Dick doing well was wonderful. We ended the month with a good stop at Barbara's to replenish supplies.
January 02/05/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

2021 started out with a bang. The neighborhood fireworks were on display. Then it was off to visit with Barbara at Brookdale in Federal Way and then to Blanche and Dick at Farrington in Kent. There was a quick view of Mt. Rainier as clouds maintained a constant cover. Some clear nights provided a chance to enjoy the Moon. John had appointments and got his teeth cleaned and new hearing aids. Throughout the month we took opportunities to capture scenic pictures. Sunsets, mountains and clouds are our favorites.
December 01/10/2021
By Cheryl and John Schmit

December is focused on Christmas and so were we. We visited with Blanche and Dick at Farrington Court. Our time with Barbara celebrated both her birthday and Christmas. Cheryl enjoys her walks around the neighborhood. The Christmas lights were just dazzling this year. On the 21st we had an evening snowfall which made the season. Cheryl had some fun making cookies and treats, preparing for the Christmas meal. Allen joined us for Christmas and we had a good time. We didn't forget to get a few special scenic views this month. John added a new musical piece, Upgrade, to the Music page.
Mountain Snow Fun 01/08/2021
By Allen Schmit

It was a lot of fun to go play in the snow in the Cascade foothills above Greenwater. We went up three times in December and have some pictures to show. Check out Mountain Snow Fun 1, December 5th. The second trip up was Mountain Snow Fun 2, December 12th when we had a small issue. The third trip was Mountain Snow Fun 3, December 18th where we went as far as we could. So much fun!