The Foundation

July 4, 2017

The lot is cleared and leveled for the foundation. View from front left side.

Cheryl checks out the forms erected for the concrete at the sunroom and rear patio.

All the forms are in place and ready to pour concrete. View of the third car garage entry.

The concrete is poured with round support pieces added. This is the front
porch and entrance area.

The concrete has dried and the forms are removed. The view
is the front porch post supports and the two car garage foundation.

Drainage piping is placed around the foundation with downspout joints.
View from the left rear, the sunroom and kitchen area.

With the drainage pipes in place, dirt is put back in place including
filling the garage and back patio areas. Looking straight back from
the front of the property.

Ground is leveled around the foundation at the rear of the house.

John and Barb are out front of the property
with the fill dirt in the background.

Looking at the front, all the fill dirt is in place, tamped down and the
foundation is ready. The garage is on the left and the front porch
is on the right. Framing is next.
Click here to check out this 360 degree video view from the future front porch.

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