Our Times Archive December 2006

News Archive - December 2006

YES! 12/31/06
By Lisa Lawrence
Happy New Year! I have some good news... Ray asked me to marry him last night! I said yes... Don't have a date yet, but most likely before June, being the baby is due June 12th. The picture of the baby was when I was 14 weeks along. I am 17 weeks now. This next month we'll find out the sex of the baby, hopefully. We have two sonograms coming up. Will keep you posted. Click here to see the pictures.


Storm 12/29/06
By Barbara Lawrence
Daryl called me at 6 p.m. and said you know you're more than welcome to come here tonight because of the bad forecast we kept hearing about. I kept watching the TV and finally decided a little after 7 p.m. to get my pillow, nightgown and housecoat and go to Daryl's house for the night.

Some tornados south of us and one was really bad in College Station but I would guess that it's at least 100 miles south of us. Other areas had some problems but the storm must have went more east than north (as it was supposed to) because we didn't get any hail or anything the news kept saying we might get.

I could tell it had realllllyyyy rained here because the sidewalk beside my car was covered with mud and junk that had come across the car port and without my car there, it could really go through there. Other than that, everything seems to be okay except for the "lakes" all over the yard and pasture.

Here is a picture that I thought you might like to see of the two branches that came down during the storm last night.


Christmas 12/27/06
By Lisa Lawrence
Merry Christmas! I came down with the 24 hr flu bug on Christmas. Woke up this morning feeling all better. Thank goodness.

We undecorated today everything except the lights outside. We'll save that for this weekend. Here are some new pictures of us from Christmas morning. Hope you all had a good one. Have a Happy New Year.

Chandler made eggs for the first time on Christmas morning. ( With supervision, of coarse) Drew got his own computer from Santa to help with school work, and Chandler got a superman laptop for school also.

Love, Lisa


Merry Christmas! 12/25/06
By Cliff Chamberlin
In ice and snow is how Candy and I have spent the last several days. I took the train from Holdrege NE (25 miles South of our house) to Denver on Wednesday (12/20) to drive Candy home from her week at work in Denver. I generally go on Thursday morning at 2:35 am, but got on one day early due to an ice storm coming to Kearney and snow coming to Denver. The train was 25 minutes early getting into Denver at 6:50am. Candy is supposed to get off from work at 7:30am, but was 45 minutes late, as her relief had a hard time getting to work in the new snow.

Click here for the rest of the story.


Merry Christmas! 12/25/06
By Barbara Lawrence
I went over to Daryl & Jan's for breakfast this morning and then we all opened our presents with Jan's daughter, Deanna, and her husband, Zach. Last night when I was at Betty's house (Jan's Mom), Jan's sister (Cindy) drew my name in the family gift exchange and told me I wouldn't get my gift until this morning. Click here for the rest of the story.


Home 12/21/06
By John Schmit
It's so good to be able to sleep in your own bed, in a warm house! We moved back home Tuesday evening after the power was restored around noon. Now it's plenty of laundry and cleanup chores. With the refrigerator completely emptied, this weeks grocery shopping will be a bit bigger, especially as we get the Christmas dinner too!

Just want to say a BIG thanks to Allen and Lance for letting us invade their home. They were very gracious. A special thanks to Heidi for helping post some initial messages during the first part of our ordeal. Also thank you to everyone for your concerns. It's wonderful when the family works together.


Update 12/18/06
By John Schmit
We just got back from a trip up to the house. Electric power has been restored to within about a mile of the house. The power goes out where it come up from underground and the trees fell on the wires. There is a section that needs replaced and we are hopeful that they get to it tomorrow. It was 40 degrees in the house and we were quick about getting our things for work tomorrow. Yep, Allen has us for another evening. Allen and Lance have been very good about their home invasion. Still, we are looking forward to going home.


Winter Program 12/17/06
By Lisa Lawrence
The boys had their Winter Program at the school last night. They were so cute! Too many people showed up though. A lot more then they expected. The cafeteria was packed. It was hot and there were people standing all around the ones who were sitting. It was pretty awful. Hard to get good pictures cause you just couldn't move in there. Here are a few though, you can't really tell where Chandler was. He was smooshed in pretty good. Drew is on the end at the right in his. Good thing I took some pictures at the house first. Click here to see the pictures.


Bad Weather 12/17/06
By Cheryl Schmit
Winds were extremely strong last night. The power went out about 9PM and the winds were worse around midnight. Trying to sleep was stressful as the whole house shook and rattled. Lots of outside noises as things blew over. We had tried to bring most things in, a few things were tied down. Click here for the rest of the story.


Lettermen Concert 12/13/06
By Barbara Lawrence
One of my friends and I went to see the "Lettermen" last evening and Danella and I thought it was probably the BEST concert we've ever attended!!!!!!! It was essentially a Christmas special but they sang some of their well known songs and it was so awesome. Click here for the rest of the story.


Cookie Walk 12/12/06
By Roger Schmit
We had a very successful cookie walk on Saturday. There were a lot more cookies then last year and a lot more buyers. We didn't sell out this year but now the guys working on the addition to the church will have plenty of cookies for their coffee break. I've included a few pictures. When I get all the pictures I will post them on my picture page.


Radar 12/12/06
By Daryl Lawrence
Radar is my company's horse, check him out on Animal Planet tonight. Radar will be featured on Animal Planetís Guinness World Records Amazing Animals tonight, December 12, 2006 at 8:00pm Central.


Road Trip 12/11/06
By Lisa Lawrence
We're all doing well here. Getting ready for the holidays. I wanted to send some more pics for the family site. They are from our exciting road trip. The boys first one. They were really good in the car but the trip was another story. I was happy to be home. They had a blast though. Happy Holidays! Here are the pictures.


Gretchen Wilson Visit 12/11/06
By Heidi Schmit
The Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) was holding their annual Mattar Relay, a rememberance race, on last Friday morning. In helping us do so, we had US 103.5, our local country station sponsor JCSE. To our surprise, they were doing an interview with Country singer Gretchen Wilson as well and decided to do the interview on our base. When she arrived we directed her over to our big rig to blow the horn to start the race. While out with the crowd, we took some pictures of her with some of the troops.

It was very cold that morning so she went back inside her personal bus for the interview. I was asked if I wanted to take pictures of her doing the interview, so I said "YES!". I went inside her bus and took pictures of her and Skip the interviewer from the radio station. Later, I had the pleasure of picking several people to get an autograph from her ( I was one of them!). Having Gretchen Wilson coming to JCSE was a morale booster for the troops because we won the race, the first time in 7 years! Enjoy these pictures I took of Gretchen Wilson.


Matt The Shriner 12/11/06
By Roger Schmit
I thought that I should send a few picture from Matt's fezzing ceremony last Saturday. After spending the day going through all of the installation ceremonies they have a dinner for all of the new shriners. At this dinner they are presented with their fez by their sponsors. Attached are three pictures.


Autumn & Ralph 12/09/06
By Susie Devries
Here are some pictures I took of Autumn today. The coffee table 'caught' her. She got under the table and then raised up. I picked up the glass insert and she stood up and looked around as if to say Hey! This is cool!

The other pictures are of our new kitty, Ralph. He loves to try to catch the 'mouse' or the letters going by or what ever is flashing on the monitor. And he has a birds eye view out into the hall or out the big window!


Bus Decorations 12/09/06
By John Schmit
It's that time of year again and I have the bus decorations up. I get many wonderful comments from my passengers about them. After several asked to take pictures, I thought I'd take some to share with you. Enjoy these pictures.


Full Moon 12/04/06
By Barbara Lawrence
I went out to turn the heater on in the guest room for awhile and saw the moon coming up so decided to get my camera and take a picture.

Check out the Moon picture.


Two Years Old 12/01/06
By John Schmit
Thanks to all the family members who have contributed so much over the last two years for our website. I hope the new look meets your approval. Please let me know if you have any problems.