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January 2008

Snow At Train Station 01/28/08
By Cheryl Schmit
We had a light dusting of snow this morning. It was just enough to make driving a bit difficult where the roads were not prepared. This is blurry, but you get the idea.
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Sleepy Head 01/23/08
By Lisa Lawrence
These pictures are too cute, I had to pass them on. They are all from tonight. Alexxis was just a little tired at dinner time. Love, Lisa
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Lexi 01/21/08
By Barbara Lawrence
Thought you might enjoy the latest pictures of Lexi. The one of her in the high chair is her playing with an ice cube. One night when she wanted out of the high chair, I gave her an ice cube and she is so cute playing with it. Once it starts melting and she gets it to her mouth, we take it away from her so she won't choke on it. This is the sweetest happy baby, is good and is so cute. When she sees Lisa with the camera, she usually smiles as I guess she likes the camera. Friday she pulled herself up to the coffee table (which she has done for awhile) and walked three steps around it trying to get to the other side. She was 7 months old yesterday.
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Madelyn Ryne Gannon 01/18/08
By Wendy Gannon
As you know we are adopting. We were matched December 20th with a birth mother who is having a baby girl. She is due February 1st. We are so excited! We have been shopping for her and trying to get ready. We will have to go to Virginia for two weeks when she is born. Then we can bring her home. Her name is going to be Madelyn Ryne. We can't wait!
Green Valley Library 01/17/08
By Roger Schmit
Now that we're in Green Valley, our access to the Internet is limited. I take the daily picture with my digital camera and transfer it through my laptop to a thumb drive. We then walk over to the local library (it's about a 10 minute walk) where I get an hour of computer time. This is enough to transfer the picture and check both the website and our email and maybe have a little time left over to harass Heidi about the Seahawks. More about Green Valley to come. Click here to see the picture.
Lexi 01/12/08
By Lisa Lawrence
The first picture is of Lexi "pitching a fit" when Lisa emphatically told her "NO" when she was trying to clean out the bookcase in the hall. There's also a picture of Lexi helping Jan clean out the dishwasher this morning. We were looking at pictures that were taken of Lexi before she left CA (on 12/23/07) and noticed how much she has changed since then. She will be 7 months old on the 20th of this month. Click here to enjoy these pictures.
Spring Work Pick 01/11/08
By John Schmit
Starting in February, I'll be off on Sundays & Mondays. The pick for Spring work was today and I had enough seniority to reach some goals, a day with Cheryl and earlier hours (off before 10pm). Next I'll try for a little overtime.
Lake Fork 01/10/08
By Lisa Lawrence
Nana and I went for a ride today and ended up at Lake Fork, which is a HUGE lake outside of Mineola, TX.. Lexi stayed sleeping so we just jumped out for a few quick pictures. Here is a picture of Nana and I and one of the lake. Click here to enjoy these pictures.
Pickles and Pansies 01/07/08
By Susie Devries
It may not be spring in Arkansas but it sure feels like it today! Highs in the 70's for the next couple days. I have taken down the outdoor Christmas lights and planted some new Pansy plants in my tri-tier flower pot. There are some left over Petunias in there too. Click here for the rest of the story and pictures.
Update 01/05/08
By Roger Schmit
All is going well in Green Valley. The temps have been mid 50's to low 70's. Sure is a lot better than I'm used to. We haven't been golfing yet but hope to get out next week. We're going up to Tucson today to get some tickets for a couple of spring training baseball games. And of course I have to watch the Seahawks game, just for Heidi.