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October 2012

Fall Color and High Tide 10/28/12
By Cheryl and John Schmit
Had a wonderful afternoon out with Mom today. Lunch at Applebee's then a ride to Des Moines pier.The tide was in and the trees were displaying beautiful fall colors.On the way home we stopped for a great view of the Kent Valley.
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Edgewater Hotel 10/05/12
By Barbara Lawrence
Darlene and I went with a group from the Senior Center today to the Edgewater Hotel and restaurant in downtown Seattle, on the water front. This hotel was built in 1962 and is very iconic because the Beatle's fished out of their rooms windows.
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Baby Shower 10/03/12
By Heidi Cardona
I had a great time at my baby shower on Sunday that a friend of mine hosted. I was really happy that Mom, Nana, and Lisa got to be there. There were about 14 people that came to the party. We played games and had cake. The men went target shooting and had a good time as well. That evening Artie BBQ'd some pork chops and we visited. We all had a great time!
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