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January 2007

Michael Jr. Update 01/23/07
By Susie Devies
I think this will be the last update on Michael Jr. We took him in for a CT scan yesterday and he got the stitches out of the back of his head. All went according to plan. He was not the least bit happy at getting the stitches out, we had to hold his head still and oh boy he doesn't like that!!! Results of the CT scan will be available today (Tuesday 1/23) but I don't think the results will be negative. He is doing pretty good. Tough little boy that's for sure.

Space Fun 01/22/07
By Cheryl Schmit
From now until February 1, 2007, The Planetary Society is collecting names, which will travel to Mars on the Phoenix DVD. When the Martians of the future find and decode our message to them, your name will be there too, a permanent record of your part in the story of space.

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Update on Michael Jr. 01/16/07
By Susie Devies
Word on Michael Jr is getting better. He is being observed this week. Still has the EVD (drain tube) in his head. And it's still draining puss. YUCK! I spoke with a doctor on Sunday and he said that they want to observe this week. There is still a possibility that they will have to go in and remove the abscess as originally planned.

He gets Tylenol and morphine on a regular basis, has only the PIC line for an IV now and is back on regular feedings. Two different broad spectrum antibiotics of course. Until they figure out what is causing the infection, they are giving the broad spectrum medication so he's pretty well covered. Will keep you informed.


Michael Jr. Update 01/13/07
By Susie Devies
I've got some more good news on Michael Jr. He was released from the PICU Saturday and is now on the 4th floor in the ITU (infant/toddler unit) Doctors have removed one of his IV lines.

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Michael Jr. Update 01/11/07
By Susie Devies
Good news concerning Michael Jr. He was in surgery for about an hour and a half today. Doctors were considering cutting out a portion of his skull and removing the abscess, but decided against that. Instead they drilled a small hole in his skull and put a drain in his head. It is in the back of his head and secured so the abscess will slowly drain. He will be in the hospital 3-5 days, in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).

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Michael Jr. 01/11/07
By Susie Devies
Most all of you are familiar with the event's concerning the pre-mature birth of my grand-twins Chloe and Michael McWilliams. Michael Jr. is currently in the hospital and waiting for brain surgery today.

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Another Storm 01/10/07
By John Schmit
I saw the big black clouds as I headed North on my trip from Factoria to Kirkland. This is normally a one hour trip. About half way through the trip the tiny hail started to fall. Down it came so fast that two blocks later the street was covered with the ice balls. This brought the early rush hour traffic to a crawl. Then the bigger hail hit as we listened to them thump the bus. Now the streets were turning to sheets of ice.

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Eleven Days & Fifteen Hours 01/10/07
By Cliff Chamberlin
Most of you know that we and 1000's of people around us have been out of electircal power since Saturday morning - Dec 30 at 2am. The power came back on today at 5:25p, a very welcome relief. We ran a generator to keep the freezers and put our refrigerator stuff in clothes baskets, on the garage floor. Lost very little and no treasures, so the cold game worked just fine. The weather cooperated and did not get to cold, lows of 18 - highs of 40 at best.

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Happy New Year 01/01/07
By Bill & Susie Devries
Dear Family and Friends;

Happy New Year! Hope all is well with all of you. Click here for the rest of the story.

Cook Book 01/01/07
By Cheryl Schmit
The addition of a Cook Book to the website has been a long time in the making. Each holiday seems to bring lots of phone calls asking each other for the family favorite dishes. I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where we could all share these recipes. I would like to encourage everyone to contribute your favorite recipes and if possible send along a picture. To visit the new pages, use the Cook Book link in the menu on the left.