Our Times News Archive

April 2007

Going Away 04/29/07
By Frank Bingham
Carol and I are going on a new adventure up to Washington and Canada. We are leaving at 3 A.M. this morning driving with our friend Ralph and should arrive in Bellingham, Wash. about 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning. Carol is getting off in Bellingham to stay with her girl friend while Ralph and I are proceeding on to his house in Bowser, Vancouver Island, B.C. We did this last year also so in that respect this is a repeat. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Doug & Joni Visit 04/29/07
By Barbara Lawrence
All four of the kids went to a winery in Pittsburg yesterday (probably close to 35-40 miles each way). Deanna and I went there when she was here two years ago and the kids said that they REALLLLLYYYY enjoyed themselves while they were there.

Daryl & Jan got here about 9 a.m. this morning and Jan and Joni fixed breakfast for all of us which we ate on the back porch. Doug & Joni left at 10 a.m. so they would have time to stop at Dean's before they go to the airport. The thermometer on the back porch says it's almost 90 when I left the porch 1/2 hour ago. Daryl put the grout on the tile this morning so is taking the time to wash it all off the tile before it dries.

Promotion Celebration 04/26/07
By John & Cheryl Schmit
Last Tuesday evening we finally got to celebrate Cheryl's promotion. We had a special dinner out on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train. We were seated in the City Of Renton dome car and had a large table to ourselves. It was nice to spend the relaxing evening together. After some wine tasting at the Columbia Winery, we walked through the gardens for a very romantic evening. Click here to see the pictures.

New to the Website! 04/26/07
By William Foster
Hi! My name is William Foster. I am Susie Devries son. My wife's name is Christina and I have a two year old boy, Izaya and a six year old girl, Jasmine. I play on a dart league every Wednesday night and I love to hunt. I use both rifles and bow and arrow. This year I got a rabbit and a squirrel. They were very yummy! I'll be sending in stories and pictures to the website soon.

William Foster

Cottage Work 04/22/07
By Barbara Lawrence
Here are the newest pictures. Daryl & Jan just about did themselves in this weekend. I went to Lowe's first thing this morning and bought the paint I wanted. The pictures don't really show the true color but I bought the lightest beige I could get (had to have it mixed) as I wanted all white trim, accessories etc. The door and screen door were such a pretty white that I wanted a contrast in there and did not want all white. I bought a very light baby blue for the north and east wall of my bedroom but that will get painted on down the road a little. Daryl is ready to put the tile on the floor and will match what is in the bedroom. Then come the cabinets which all of us are waiting for. Click here to see the pictures.

Garden Pictures 04/21/07
By Frank Bingham
I am sending you a few more pictures of the garden production plus a photo of a extremely beautiful Hibiscus. Remember the tomato picture of the other day - well attached are the same tomatoes a few days later. It is amazing to me how fast these vegetables grow and ripen in the soil.

I'll pick the tomatoes today to have in a salad tonight. I have also included a couple of yellow squash pictures. The little squash plants were about the size of a saucer a couple weeks ago -- quite large. One photo shows the tiny squash forming. These will be ready to eat in a few days. Finally, There are two pictures of our Grape Fruit. One as it is picked and the other when sliced open. Slim and I ate the fruit and it was so juicy and sweet. Click here to see the pictures.

Weekend Time 04/17/07
By Susie Devries
It was great to be gone and away from every day life here in Little Rock. But at the same time it was great coming home too. I really did miss my husband, kids, grand kid and kitties. Everyone was happy to see me too, which made me feel really good. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Award Winner 04/16/07
By Lisa Lawrence
Andrew received two awards this morning at school! One for Student of the Month, and the other for Most Improved for second semester. We are so proud of him! Click here to see the pictures.

Cottage Work 04/15/07
By Barbara Lawrence
Here are pictures of what Daryl & Jan did this weekend with all the "mud" and taping. I also took a picture under the steps which is behind the kitchen sink wall. Daryl is going to make this into a closet and if a tornado comes, that's where I will go if I'm home. If a tornado hits, and the building falls in on me, they will know where to find me....... but I am rarely without my cell phone so that would help. I have to make this as fun because there is always the possibility of a tornado where we live - but rare. Next weekend is mowing as part of the work but it's supposed to be 82 by next Sat. so it will be a "hot" one to be mowing. Click here to see the pictures.

Bar-B-Que 04/14/07
By John Schmit
I spite of the few rain showers that moved through the area yesterday, I went ahead and cooked the chicken on the grill. Allen came over and we had a salad and baked beans with the meal. The season premier of SG-1 and Atlantis were on, so it was a big TV evening.

Thunder Storms 04/14/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I stayed at Daryl & Jan's last night, with Bella, because the storm was supposed to be so bad. The tornados were all south and west of us but were supposed to come further north which was too close for my comfort - therefore, Daryl's. Everything was fine here when I got home this morning except I had to reset the wireless. Daryl has inside work to do in the cottage but is planning on doing some more burning in the barrel also. We only had 1/2" of rain last night but sure could have used more.

Easter In Joplin 04/13/07
By Susie Devries
Have not been looking at the Family Web Site for a little while now. I've been in Joplin, MO. with my sister, Judie. We had a great time and the weather was everything from almost 80 all the way down to 19!!! It snowed, but didn't stick the night of April 5th. There was some light snow Friday too, but it was almost so light that you had to look at a dark spot to see if it was actually snowing! Everyone was saying we'd have snow for Easter. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Easter Weekend 04/12/07
By Heidi Schmit
Last weekend was an exciting weekend for me, My friend Justin and I went to Orlando to visit his family. We left Saturday afternoon from Tampa to Orlando, a trip that took only 1 hour and 15 minutes. We spent the evening with his parents, talking about everything from the military to his mom's sewing. We finally went to bed around 4 in the morning. We woke up around 9 am and got ready to go over to his sister's house where the festivities were being held.

We arrived at his sister's where I got the grand tour of her house and then met the rest of his family, like his brother-in-law and the rest of his brother-in-law's family who came from Nottingham, England. It was a smorgasbord of food and people having a great time. We finally left to go back home around 6pm to play Army again on Monday.

New Home 04/07/07
By Erin Lawrence
We found a home!! It's in Paso Robles. It's a 2 story town home in a gated community. It's almost 1400 square feet with a tiny back yard. Next door to us is the 'tot lot' play ground. Two streets over is the pool and spa. It's 2 minutes from the freeway so it'll be easy for Chris going to and coming from work. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Neighbors Roots Planted 04/06/07
By John Schmit
Our neighbors finished planting the rest of the street trees today. The nine trees represent the first long string of street trees in our complex. It was an investment of over $1000 for our small group. Along with the trees are support poles that will stay for at least one year. I had a great time working with both my neighbors on this project.

AirFest 2007 04/02/07
By Heidi Schmit
This weekend there was an Air Fest at MacDill Air Force Base for the first time since September 11. I had the chance to go on Sunday with my good friend Justin and his sister's family who live in Orlando. We arrived early and parked our cars at our work due to traffic and walked through the private entrance for military personnel only. We spent the whole day looking at all the different versions of fighter and cargo planes as well as helicopters. Around 3pm the Blue Angels came out and did a little show that really please the crowd. After a long day in the hot Flordia sun it was time to call it a day. By the way, we ALL got pretty sunburned. Click here to see the pictures.

Planting More Roots 04/01/07
By John Schmit
We planted more roots in our Northwest front yard today. We got together with our neighbors and joined in buying a total of nine Cleveland Select Flowering Pear street trees. Our two trees join our Himilayan Birch already there. Click here to see the tree pictures.