Our Times News Archive

June 2009

Hail 06/30/09
By Susie Devries
Here are some pictures of rain and hail we got just a while ago. I was on my front porch looking across the street and could hardly see my neighbors house. The other picture is just the hail, and then one of hail stones I picked up, that were easily 1 inch across. We had a lot of those!!
I had drained Autumn's little pool and after the first round of rain, it had 5 inches of water in it. It is sitting on our front deck under the trees so you know it rained hard!!
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Just A Note... 06/24/09
By Ryan, Wendy & Madelyn Gannon
We are doing great! Here are a few pictures of Madelyn. She is getting so big.
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Genevieve's Birthday 06/24/09
By Blanche Glaeser
Last month we celebrated my friend Genevieve's birthday at church. She is 90 years old. She is a dear friend and we has such a good time at the party.
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AARP Meeting 06/24/09
By Barbara Lawrence
What an AARP meeting we had Tue. evening...... First of all, I was nominated by three people to a State honor for a special award given each year to someone in the community that does a lot of volunteering.
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Graduation Trip 06/20/09
By Cheryl & John Schmit
Last weekend we went to Florida to see Heidi graduate from St. Leo University. We had a great time during the three days we were there. It was nice to be with Heidi as she took us to all the important places and introduced us to her friends.
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Bird Strike 06/03/09
By Susie Devries
This is a picture of a bird strike on the window of Bill's office. I found it very interesting. We don't know if the poor bird survived or not. From the print on the window, I don't think it's very likely.
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