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February 2011

North Beaches Tour 02/20/11
By John & Cheryl Schmit
With both of us still suffering a cold, we couldn't stay at home anymore and had to enjoy the sunny day. We went North through Seattle to Richmond and Carkeek beaches on Puget Sound to check 'em out. We'll go back to Carkeek! The sun felt good and we got plenty of negative ions and vitamin D!
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Potato Frenzy and Grapefruit 02/15/11
By Frank & Carol
Carol and I were out in the back yard working yesterday and found two "Volunteer" potato plants growing amongst her flowers maybe 20 feet or so away from my Veg. garden. The cool weather had killed the potato plants so we were digging them up as they did not belong there anyway.
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Visiting Mom 02/12/11
By John Schmit
Had a great time visiting Mom! Spent some time updating and cleaning the computer. Also managed to help out around the condo. Was a nice visit and the flights there and back were OK too!
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Today's Ride 02/11/11
By Barbara Lawrence
Darlene and I left here this morning at 10:30 to drive to Sumner. We drove around the town, OLD, and saw a restaurant that Kathy had told us about.
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Winter Storm 2011 02/10/11
By Susie Devries
They told us and told us, it was comin. It finally got here and for Little Rock or even Arkansas it was a doozy. Gentry AR, upper northwest got 26". We got a total of about 8" here. I checked once yesterday with the yardstick on the front deck and it was an easy 5" then and still snowing. I have some just as it began pictures and then some I took this morning. The snow is light and fluffy, swept right off the deck. My oriental neighbor is out with a home made sled for his daughter. Got a couple pics of that too. It's very pretty but the roads sure are slick!!
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Benjamin's 2nd Birthday 02/05/11
By Cliff Chamberlin
Ben turned 2 last week, 1-28-2011. Here are a few pictures from his party from last Sunday. All had a great time.
He had a Dr. appointment this last Wed. and passed with flying colors. He is up to the 45th percentile for height and weight, a far cry better than a year ago. The Dr. said he is a fine young boy and he will grow to be big and strong. He is off the follow up list. That was all we needed to hear!
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