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October 2011

Tree & Workers 10/27/11
By Barbara Lawrence
I'm sending three pictures. One is of a tree at the end of our sidewalk, where we catch the Shuttle Shopper, that has turned gold. The other two shows how the men are removing the stucco. This stucco appears to have been put on in sections so one man makes saw cuts in it and now other men are removing those sections. It looked like I could see nails on the underside of the stucco section I saw so I'm not sure what they did originally. It takes two men to pull off each section of stucco and when they pulled it off, they could barely lift it. The sections looked to be about 2 ft X 3 ft., or less. I can tell you one thing - it sounds as if these men are completely removing the side of the building, it's that noisy. Darlene came down to my apartment on our way to walk, and I had to keep saying "what?" when she talked. NO TV until these men quit for the day.
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Volcano News 10/25/11
By Bill & Susie Devries
Bill is in Guatemala. Someone drove a loader into a 767 and punched a 6-8" hole in the side of the plane. Broke a couple ribs and such also. Extensive repair, much more than just sheet metal. Bill left on Saturday Oct 22.
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Building 10/18/11
By Barbara Lawrence
The men started taking down some trees and putting up the scaffolding today so I took my camera out a little after 3 (after exercises) to take these two pictures. Two of the guys here who have been talking to the workmen, said that they think I will have mold behind the stucco because my living room window has been repaired so many times.
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Weyerhaeuser Rhody & Bonsai Gardens 10/16/11
By John & Cheryl Schmit
Enjoy these pictures from our recent Sunday outing to the Weyerhaeuser gardens. While overcast, the gardens are still awesome to see. The Bonsai plants were fascinating and we even bought two Rhodys on sale there.
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Efing Weekend & Wonderful Weekend 10/09-10/11
By Cheryl & John Schmit and Barbara Lawrence
Forget the wonderful, even the great, we had a fabulous weekend. Just a trip over the mountains, an overnight at Artie & Heidi's and the ride home. But there were too many 'F' words that described the time we had.
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We had a WONDERFUL weekend. John & Cheryl picked me up Sun. morning to go to Heidi's and Artie's house in Pasco WA.
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Connor's Navy Boot Camp Graduation 10/07/11
By Wendy McLaughlin
Here are pictures from Connor's Navy boot camp graduation at Great Lakes Naval Training Center.
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Seahawks Sunday 10/04/11
By Heidi Cardona
Artie and I went up to Renton on Saturday so that we would spend the night and be up early enough to go the Seahawks game. We visited with Mom for a long time to the point where we were still up when Dad got home. We got up about 8 a.m. and had some breakfast that Mom made. We headed out by 10 a.m. to see if we get there early enough we can get some autographs. We did get there early enough to watch them practice but no autographs. We went to the pro shop and bought some more souvenirs and food before heading to our seats. It was a great game, lots of hootin' and hollerin' even all the way down the last 18 seconds. But unfortunately we lost by only 2 points. So it wasn’t a butt whoopin! The score was Atlanta Falcons 30 to Seattle Seahawks 28. Go Seahawks!
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Rocky Mountain Express 10/03/11
By John Schmit
We had another good time at the Pacific Science Center tonight. Picked up Nana and went down to see an Imax World Premier showing of Rocky Mountain Express. It's a story about the transcontinental railroad in Canada. Retracing the original route aboard the majestic steam engine 2816, we felt like we were on the train in the age of steam engines. The film put together spectacular IMAX aerial images, breathtaking vistas of the west, and gave the energy and rhythms of a live steam locomotive. The movie was filled with the stunning natural beauty of deep river canyons and high mountain passes. A must see for train fans! While at PSC waiting for the show to start, we played on some furniture there. On the way home we passed the home of the Seahawks and the Seattle train yards. Just a great night!
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Friday & Saturday 10/02/11
By Barbara Lawrence
Appointments, buses, walking, dinner, and cops! Are we having fun yet? Read on...
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