Our Times News Archive

December 2007

Information 12/27/07
By Susie Devries
This really isn't family news, this is some helpful information. I just returned from my doctor appointment. All's well, and this is what my information is based on. Click here for the rest of the story.
Doug & Joni's House 12/12/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I finally downloaded all my pictures (and renamed them) so thought I would send you this one. It is the front of Doug & Joni's house facing the beach (across the road) and the junk in front of the pool is the stuff the pool men hadn't taken yet. Click here for the rest of the story and the picture.
Autumn 12/11/07
By Susie Devries
Here are some pictures of Autumn helping her Papa replace the kitchen faucet last week!! She was quite interested and offered many suggestions!! Also here are pictures of Autumn helping us rake the leaves. She played hide and go seek behind the trash can and just really had a great time! The kitty lounging in the tomato plants inside is Ralphie!! Click here to enjoy these pictures.
Home 12/10/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I made it back home by 2 p.m. today with no problems any part of my trip. I drove a total of 1,690 miles, round trip, and enjoyed every minute of the drive. I had an excellent time while I was in FL so it was a good experience. I stayed last night in a casino hotel in Vicksburg MS right on the Mississippi River - real neat place and it only cost $55 per night - for everyone as it was advertised along the interstate. I ate at the buffet in the casino and it was very good.
Airplane Ride 12/08/07
By Barbara Lawrence
When I arrived here, Doug & Joni told me they had a surprise for me for my Christmas present and did I want it last Sat. or today. I said today. Click here for the rest of the story.
Laundry 12/07/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I've been sitting here laughing because of a stupid mistake I made. I laid my laundry on the laundry room floor because Joni said she would start it because her new washer is so different. Click here to enjoy the rest of the story.
Traveling 12/06/07
By Flat Stanley
I'm Flat Stanley and today I am leaving the great north woods of Michigan to start my trip. My first stop will be Little Rock, Arkansas. Click here to follow my adventures.
Pool 12/06/07
By Barbara Lawrence
Here is a picture of the pool as it finally got filled today. The pool men have to come back and finish hooking it up and all that has to happen there. I wish they would come tomorrow because I would like to see the thing operating before I leave. The picture of the bridge is going over the water between Panama City Beach (where Doug lives) and Panama City. Even though it's been cool here and windy, it's amazing how low the humidity stays. Most of the time it has been in the 30% and 40% except at night, which is normal for it to be higher. Click here to enjoy the pool and bridge pictures.
Pool & Lucy 12/05/07
By Barbara Lawrence
Here are three pictures taken today. The one of the pool was taken right after the men finished the inside today and Doug can't start putting water in it until 5 p.m. tonight. The other picture is of their bird Lucy. Click here to enjoy the pictures.
New Desk 12/04/07
By Heidi Schmit
Well here is what my new desk looks like. It is a Queen Anne Desk with three working drawers and it is made of cherry wood to match everything else. I think it opened up my room a lot. Click here to see the desk.
White Stuff 12/03/07
By John & Cheryl Schmit
Our fall colors are gone! Over the weekend we got our first snow of the season. Nature was kind and washed it all away before the work week started. Cheryl documented the snow shower for those that don't often see the white stuff. Click here to enjoy the pictures.
House 12/01/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I'm attaching three pictures Doug took with his camera. The one he took from the road which shows the front of the house and the pool (when it's finished this week), one is taken from the front door looking out and the other one is a sunset picture Doug took last night. Once Doug gets the fence in around the pool and all the planting done, this whole area will be beautiful. We are going to have another "hot" day - supposed to get close to 80. Click here to enjoy the pictures.