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February 2008

Madelyn 02/29/08
By Wendy Gannon
I jus t wanted to say hello and send a few pictures of Madelyn. She is doing so good, and growing very fast.
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Pool On Billboard 02/28/08
By Doug Lawrence
Check this out. They liked our pool so much they put it on a local Billboard on hwy 231 coming into town.
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Jumpy Millard In Hospital 02/26/08
By Blanche Glaeser
Yesterday morning, after being up all night, I call the parmedics to take Jumpy to Spring Valley Medical Center. He has a very weak heart and he needed to be stabilized. It has been very difficult and he most likely will not be returning home. Jumpy is 94 years old.
Out Of The Mouth's Of Babes 02/24/08
By Susie Devries
Friday night I kept my grand daughter Autumn over night. She had been invited to a birthday party on Saturday and I was taking her. Mom has the flu, dad has an infected wisdom tooth.
So as the evening progresses, Autumn does like every other toddler and goes faster and faster as she gets more tired. She had been laying on the couch beside me but got up and I told her she needed to sit and be very still for a while. She sat down, looked at me and said 'but I'm just a child!' I was so surprised and found that to be so cute. She did give up and go to sleep in the crib and slept all night but oh man was she funny the night before.
Camellia 02/19/08
By Susie Devries
Here are a couple pictures I took of my Camellia out front. These are the first two buds to open and the plant is loaded with more. Can't wait for them to open. They are so pretty!!
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Presidential Library 02/18/08
By Susie Devries
Today was President's Day and Bill had the day off. Here in Little Rock is the Clinton Library. Today only was free admission. Highlight of going was a replica of the White House! It was fantastic to say the least. We waited in line with many other people for about a half hour to get to see this thing up close and personal.
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Ralph The Cat 02/13/08
By Susie Devries
We had the fireplace going tonight and Ralph the Cat discovered it was nice and warm on the hearth rug. He's quite comfy, don't you think?
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Ugh! Snow 02/12/08
By Roger Schmit
Here are a couple of pictures that I received from Matt. This is the reason that Barb and I are down here. The pictures were taken following another big snowstorm that closed the schools. That snow measured 20 inches.
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Mrs. Gregoreks Class 02/08/08
By Tricia Miller
Veteran AccuWeather forecaster, Ken Clark visited Andrews class and filed this report in his blog.
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Kitt Peak National Observatory 02/05/08
By Roger Schmit
On Friday afternoon we took a ride to Kitt Peak. Kitt Peak is located in the Sonoran Desert on the Tohono O'odham Reservation about 65 miles north and west of Green Valley. From bottom to top the road is about 10 miles and rises to 6,880 feet above sea level.
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Mardi Gras 02/02/08
By Lisa Lawrence
Alexxis went to Mardi Gras in Jefferson TX today with her Papa and Granny. They bought her this CUTE outfit. When I got home from work tonight I just HAD to take more pictures. Thought you would all enjoy them. She is SO big! She had a great time and even brought home some colorful beads. The other picture is from last night, we were fitting Lex for her brand new BIG GIRL car seat!
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Tree Planting 02/02/08
By John Schmit
We had three trees delivered and planted yesterday to replace those that died this last year. One that lived we moved to our south side yard. All the trees are Cleveland Select Flowering Pear. Being a narrow, upright tree they are good along the street and in narrow places.
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Update 02/01/08
By Lisa Lawrence
Lexi and I are doing good... I started working this past week at Home Depot as a cashier. I really like it! Great benefits even at part time.
Lexi is teething, she has a runny nose and bad diaper rash again. She started daycare this week also and seems to really enjoy it. She doesn't even think twice when I drop her off. Lexi ate scrambled eggs this morning with her banana. She also walked all around the coffee table today.
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Green Valley 02/01/08
By Roger Schmit
Green Valley is a retirement community located about 20 miles south of Tucson, Arizona and about 35 miles north of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico on Interstate 19. The traditional boundaries for this unincorporated area, founded in 1964, are Duval Mine Road on the north, Canoa Ranch on the south, the copper mine to the west and the Santa Cruz River to the east.
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