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May 2009

What A Day 05/30/09
By Susie Devries
Oh my what a day today was. It began around 7 AM. We thought we would sleep in, it was Saturday, why not. I guess the outside world had other ideas. We woke up to sirens screaming up North Hills Blvd which is only about a block and a half from our house. OK, no more sleep.
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Ralph The Cat 05/28/09
By Susie Devries
I took the clothes out of the dryer, went in the bedroom, folded them, put them away, came back to put the next load in and this is what I found. Do ya think he's comfy? I swear, cats think I dry clothes just so they can find a warm comfy spot, even if it's the hard part of the dryer!!
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The Flat Stanley Books 05/20/09
By John Schmit
The Flat Stanley books are both now available on the menu to the left. Ryan's - The Adventures Of Flat Stanley 2008 and Aaron's - The Travels Of Flat Stanley 2009, can be chosen there. Enjoy!
Darn Turkeys 05/18/09
By Cliff Chamberlin
I have been watching the first corn planting I did 18 days ago. About 25% of the seeds came up, crap! It was time to till the other 1/2 of the corn plot and plant the 2nd half on Tuesday. The wind died down a little this afternoon and so off I went with my tiller.
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Garden News 05/15/09
By Cliff Chamberlin
Solid overcast and damp outside this morn. 55 heading for 68 this afternoon and plenty of wind. Could use a good rain tonight, but its suppose to be dry till next week.
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Graduation Invitation 05/13/09
By Heidi Cardona
On June 13th I will be participating in the commencement exercises of Saint Leo University.
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Madison 3 1/2 months/Mother's Day 05/11/09
By Tammy Chamberlin
We're doing great here. Madison is growing so quickly and we're cherishing every day with her!
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Benjamin's Baptism 05/10/09
By Cliff Chamberlin
Benjamin was baptised at the Sat eve service on 5/9/09 in Lakewood CO. That was also Mugsy's 31st b-day, What a nice present. We had a great time and Ben was quite after the first 2 mins of his big doings, he fell asleep. The first 2 mins, everybody in the church knew his lungs work just fine now.
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New Tattoo 05/09/09
By Tricia Miller
On Friday May 8th at about 7pm I was able to go get my new tattoo. Wes, Andrew and I walked into the tattoo shop in Rancho Cucamonga and waited for a few minutes as the tattoo artist prepared for me.
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Rainbow 05/04/09
By John Schmit
After a beautiful day of blue skies and puffy clouds, a spring shower came along at sunset to give us a treat!
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Turkeys 05/01/09
By Cliff Chamberlin
I looked out my bedroom sliding glass door this morning at 10am and saw 3 turkeys. Kept watching and more and more came out of the tall grass. There were 5 Toms and 6 hens at one time in the open mowed meadow just behind our house. They were about 75 yds out.
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