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August 2010

My New Baby 08/30/10
By Susie Devries
As most of you know I've been driving a 1987 Dodge Ram Charger. It has 227,000+ mile on it. Been a good truck. But it's being a pain, showing it's age etc. Over the weekend I found another truck.
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Rose Garden 08/25/10
By Cheryl Schmit
Here are some pictures from our rose garden. Enjoy!
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The Day 08/25/10
By Barbara Lawrence
Darlene and I went grocery shopping this morning, brought the groceries home and then drove to Redondo and had 1 piece. of fish with chips. We left there (no shade to sit in) and drove to Saltwater State Park where we first sat at a table in the sun then found a table in the shade under the trees. We watched this big ship come on this side of the island and by the time we were there for a little over an hour, we were drained just from the fresh air and the water. We came home and had to walk from the back lot where I parked my car because they're supposed to power wash our parking lot.
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Out & About 08/22/10
By John & Cheryl Schmit
We were out and about today, shopping and running errands. We took some pictures of the beautiful sky and pretty flowers. Enjoy!
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Elvis Concert 08/20/10
By Barbara Lawrence
What a fun day I had today. The Metro Access bus ($1 each way to and from home) came at 2:30 and picked up Darlene & me to take us to Providence Mount St. Vincent - an Assisted Living and Nursing Home in West Seattle for a concert. We had to transfer buses once so that took quite a bit of time.
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Frank & Carol Visit 08/17/10
By Barbara Lawrence
Frank and Carol drove to Bellingham WA for a vacation. On the way back down the Puget Sound coast, they stopped in to see me and my new apartment. We spent some time shopping, then went on to meet Cheryl and John at Azteca for dinner.
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White Bass 08/15/10
By Cliff Chamberlin
Craig and I went fishing this morning to Plum Creek, took my Jon boat and rowed over to the Red Barn. We had ultra lights looking for crappie.
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Gig Harbor 08/04/10
By Barbara Lawrence
Gig Harbor was a neat place but too many hills to climb - both Darlene and I had problems. We ate at a super nice restaurant right on the water called Tides Tavern, an old established place that must be number one in town. We had 11:30 reservations so Mick (driver) had time to take us on some side trips. He took us up to a view place so I could get pictures of the bridge but it was totally socked in with fog so couldn't get it. I took pictures out of the front window of the bus coming home but didn't have any idea what I got because I just held the camera out in front of me - I was in the front seat.
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New Desk 08/02/10
By Heidi Cardona
Here are a few pictures of the new desk in the office. I absolutely love it! Artie is using the old desk.
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