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August 2012

A New Project 08/31/12
By Susie Devries
I am learning how to Machine Applique. I got a new sewing machine about 6 weeks ago that has "90 unique built in stitches". It will also machine embroidery letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols. I'm taking a class at our Local Quilt Shop, {LQS} One class every month. Each month is a different block, using different stitches and techniques. When all is said and done, these blocks will make a quilt top 85" x 93"!! That is by far the biggest project I will have attempted yet. To do it all at once would be so intimidating for me, I doubt I'd get far. But doing one block a month will make it much less intimidating for me. I hope it comes out as pretty as I think it will. This was the first block I have done. Its far from perfect, but maybe, with a little luck, I will get better as time goes on. Ya Think?
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Baby N Me 08/29/12
By Heidi Cardona
Here is a video of a compilation of Ultrasound visits.
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The New (Incomplete) House 08/26/12
By Judie Riggen
I thought you might like to see the latest pictures of the house. It's coming along, but we are still 6 or 8 weeks from the finish line. Still it's beginning to look like a home.
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Summer Is Over 08/20/12
By Susie Devries
Summer is over, today is Autumn's first day of 1st Grade. Wow, how is that possible? It has been a horrible hot summer and thankfully Mother Nature finally decided to be nicer to us and give us double digits that begin with 8 instead of triple digits!! What a nice change.
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Connor 08/09/12
By Wendy McLaughlin
Here are some pictures of Connor while on their 3-week practice tour (COMPTUEX) off the coast of San Diego getting ready for the big send-off in September. In the group photo, Connor is in the front/middle looking like a very proud Navy Gunners Mate!
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Camera Fun 08/05/12
By John Schmit
Here is a video of our recent check of Cheryl's new camera. We did have a lot of fun.
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Palm Springs Tram 08/01/12
By Frank
Our grand daughter Lauren (age 17) has been visiting for the last few days out here with us in the desert. She has had a great time swimming, cooking, shopping with Carol and reading. Yesterday she and I took the Palm Springs Tramway from the desert floor to the top of the lower mountains for the day.
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