Our Times News Archive

February 2007

Moving News! 02/26/07
By Erin Lawrence
About a year ago Chris told his upper management to let him know when a position opened up in the North District (we found out a position did open up up there and he wasn't told because his district doesn't want to lose him. Selfish ***tards, but looking back, it's o.k. because he wasn't ready then and you know that everything happens for a reason). Click here for the rest of the story.

Winter Trip 02/21/07
By Roger Schmit
We returned Sunday from our trip out to Green Valley Arizona, Las Vegas and Lake Havasu. We started in Milwaukee with the birth of our granddaughter, Lauren Simmons, on January 26th. Click here for the rest of the story and pictures!

Phone Pictures 02/20/07
By Robert McWilliams
Here are some new pictures I took with my phone. Click here for the pictures!

New Kitty - Bella 02/17/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I now have a new "baby" in my house. She is a short hair female with kind of a tabby coloring. She is a young kitten probably between 3-6 months old and came as a stray to Sheila's (the gal who brought the cat to me). Click here for the rest of the story and pictures!

New Pictures of Laney Rae 02/17/07
By Lisa Lawrence
One is her foot, you can see all the bones even in all the little toes. The other is her face, with her hands right below her chin. They are folded together. If you look on the top side of her face you can see her eye is open. She has grown a lot in the last month. She's over a pound now. We are both doing wonderful and I no longer have to see the specialist for preterm labor! The cyst that was on her brain is gone now, thank goodnesss and she is very healthy! Click here to see the pictures!

Promotion 02/16/07
By Heidi Schmit
It's been a long time coming but I finally made it to SERGEANT (SGT). Due to the reconstruction of the Army and the discontinue of the 25M series in the Air Force, the points required have gone down. I was promoted to SPC in 2001 and was promotable on 1 MAR 2003, exactly 4 years later I will be at SGT.

Baby News 02/13/07
By Lisa Lawrence
We found out the sex of the baby at the end of last month. They said there were some possible problems so I didn't want to write yet. We found out last week though SHE is in good health! Yes, it is a GIRL this time. Thank goodness beacause I am done. Three is just perfect. Everything is pink. She already has a quite a few outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. They are so cute. I could shop all the time for her. We are very excited.... and the boys can't wait. Chance reminds me all the time that I am getting big. :)

Amaryllis 02/11/07
By Cheryl Schmit
I bought an Amaryllis bulb in early November and planted it thinking maybe it would bloom by Christmas. The box said blooms would appear in 7-10 weeks. Mine took just a little longer.

Click here to read the rest of the story and see the pictures.

Job Update 02/05/07
By Allen Manese

I can come home for lunch. I get a 1 hour lunch break for the first time in years. Going to love Fry's.

New Job! 02/04/07
By Allen Manese
Monday afternoon I start training at my new job, Fry's Electronics. My first interview was last Monday and I had a second one right after that. I had a third interview with one of the store managers on Tuesday after which they sent me to Bellevue to get my drug test. They called me late in the afternoon on Friday and told me to start Monday afternoon for training. They have me scheduled in the Appliance Department to start with.

Arkansas Snow 02/02/07
By Susie Devries
Snow in Arkansas! Click here to see these pictures.

Texas Snow 02/01/07
By Barbara Lawrence
It started snowing earlier this evening and the flakes were huge but it's now been snowing for over an hour. The temperature is still in the mid 30's but with the wind chill, it feels lower. Click here to enjoy the picture.